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Among Us (PC/Steam/Mobile): Review

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

With the Social Distancing still in full effect, it was nice to find more games to keep occupied and still have fun with friends. With how much I have seen meme wise due to its mobile port being recently released, it felt like something I should take a look at.

+ Game play is pretty much a Sci Fi version of "Werewolf" with some quick mini games thrown in between the discussions and sabotaging.

+ Rounds go by pretty quickly, whether you are a crew member trying to stay alive or an impostor trying to destroy everyone, you will be kept pretty invested.

+ Graphics and over all aesthetic are reminiscent of some early 2000's Newgrounds flash games, with its characters thick outlines and comical walking and death animations.

- Only real negative, Incredibly annoying to join a room with friends, It took me a couple dozen tries to connect to a room and be able to play. And even when you manage to get into a room there is still a high chance of being disconnected mid game. It felt like I spent a majority of the time dealing with the server connection issues then actually playing.

Overall it has been one of the best party games I have played this summer. I highly recommend anyone play this when they get the chance. 9/10

Review by: Glenn Ray Brooks

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