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This post will be an evolving living document, where as I find more builds I enjoy/meet my performance standards, I will add them. I will start of with my version of a quality build(I’ll use the PVP SL standard of 120 for stats, but those aren’t by any means a hard cap)

DON’T YOU DARE GO HOLLOW(OR DO… IT SAVES A LOT OF TIME… 10 Free Levels is nothing to scoff at…)

Okay, with that piece of contention thrown right in the opener understand, I’m a crazy person. I play my first play-through of any souls game completely alone. I sell embers and dive off the tower to keep invaders away. It’s just me versus the environment. For this particular approach to the game, I prefer to use a Sword and Board build! The sword and the board(shield) are really up to you as a matter of looks preference however some very good ones are(I’ll do three tiers base game, DLC: I , and DLC:II) Let’s get into the Build stats Starting Class(Knight SL:9, Vigor:12, Attunement: 10, Endurance: 11, Vitality: 15, Strength: 13, Dexterity: 12, Intelligence: 9, Faith: 9, Luck:7) It should up looking something like this:

How to spend your souls in this build, I prefer to go for damage output asap, although if you go with the fire gem as your starting gift and infuse your starting sword you’ll wanna build Vigor and Endurance first. Anyways, your stat goals 13 Levels into Vigor( 25 Vigor is enough to survive one hit from anything, and most combos). Endurance you’ll want to put 19 levels into(30 total, soft cap is 35 hard cap is 50, I don’t like DR) Vitality is entirely optional(THIS IS NOT A PVP BUILD), if you wanna use heavier armor and a hyper armor(PVP gold guys…) variant I highly recommend adjusting the build for it. Strength, I like to run 40 Strength so you’re going to invest 27 levels into strength, and I also like to run 40 Dexterity so you’re going to invest 28 levels into it. Core build level(96) Leaving you with 24 levels to float around for the pvp SL 120. The vitality variant mentioned above calls for about 25 vitality so 10 points there. You’ll need 10 more points of strength. The remaining four levels should go into Vigor for survivability. For weapons, you want any weapon that offers hyper armor(even after its nerf, the Dark Sword is still one of the best weapons in the game), you then have enough strength to use any two-handed great sword in one hand allowing you to have a shield for blocking and then transitioning to 2H for trades. You can also adapt this build for an Anri’s Straight Sword Luck build, just optimize for luck trading in a little endurance, and spending your 24 floating levels mostly in luck.

My preferred Co-op build. For playing a support role for other players I prefer a glass cannon pyromancer build. You can run all sorceries and miracles with this build and still be effective, so for utilizing foes weakness I’ll call the build “Support Mage”. I’m not going in as much depth for this build because you don’t need it, you start off with the pyromancer, knight, sorcerer, cleric, herald, really it doesn’t matter, knight is the easiest start) you’re going to start with the fire gem, and only use fire, raw, or deep infusions till very late game(in which you’re going to be choosing between dark infusions and chaos infusions). You’ll want to beef up your Vigor,Attunement, and Endurance as this build has a very rough solo start. (If you’re lucky enough to have a co-op buddy for most of the game consider going Faith>Attunement>Intelligence=Endurance, why faith over int? the starting sorcery spells are all expensive and not gonna offer you that much damage, where as the healing miracles you can get are incredibly cost-effective spells and will allow you to carry more FP Estus Flasks then you would normally carry, you’ll still want HP flasks for quick “Oh ****” moment’s but mostly you’ll wanna swap to a miracle catalyst and heal real quick, once you get the group heal and learn to use it effectively, you’re something every person struggling with a boss wants in their group.

That’s mostly the utility side of this build this another way and really wanna experiment with the in your face dark sorcery spells, then you’re gonna wanna go with an int heavy 35FTH/50INT and use a fully upgraded heretics staff(because it’ll get decent Spell scaling from your faith as well as your maxed out int) I used this variant for a bit while I was just messing around, very much needs the spell casting time reduction ring. Offers very little value vs. Pyromancy, but you look super cool while you’re doing it. The other option is for 50FTH/35INT, this build is heavily worth considering seeing how pyromancy builds struggle with the Ringed City DLC(ALMOST EVERYTHING RESISTS FIRE OR DARK… ) so this build offers you more damage dealing per fp consumption spells in the DLC, you’re gonna wanna use the catalyst found towards the end of DLC: I it offers intelligence scaling to your spells. Run this with sunlight spear, sunlight stake, lightning spear, the new bow spell, W/E. Lightning damage rules in the endgame of DS:3 so this build not only gives you better heals, but better late game damage on big threats like the Demon Princes, Dark Eater Midir, Ringed City Knights, Void Heralds…. All the big nasty no-nos you’re gonna see in the last DLC.

Photocredit: VG247.com

Thanks for checking out the builds guide section of Gaming Guru Inc. Feel free to like or comment, I love to hear your feed back and critiques! Also if you’d like to play-test your favorite dark souls 3 builds, or BloodBorne(or even Demon Souls, I can make that OG happen again)  builds comment below and we’ll set it up and if our staff likes it I’ll give you a featured shout-out on the website and our social medias! I also love seeing cool Darksouls cosplay characters and concept builds, share your favorites!


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