E3 Predictions

Just a quick post to go over some of my E3 predictions. We’re going to see big things from Microsoft involving their new console, Sony won’t be phased by this fact and will still come out as the big dog at E3. The fact that we haven’t seen anything from them yet is exactly why they’re going to be the big dog. Nintendo isn’t doing a big stage again, which I think is smart. They don’t need to be the big dog, they just need to be Nintendo. Onto the games, my predictions are largely based on rumors and developers hints, so nothing here is fact.

From Software will be announcing Bloodborne 2 and it’ll be a big hit the Sony crowd as it’ll remain an exclusive. From also will be showing off a good bit of Armored Core, which is exciting, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a good mech combat game, and with the way PvP(Player versus Player) has evolved I’m very excited for the games potential assuming they stay away from micro-transactions. They also have something new coming out, something weird. So says Miyazaki.

Square-Enix, will be another huge reveal with much the much hyped Final Fantasy 7 remake likely to be there headliner. I’m also expecting a firm launch date for Kingdom Hearts 3, after feeling the tech demo in 2.8. I’d hazard a guess that both these titles could launch Quarter 4 2017. Again I’d HAZARD a guess, it’s not like I have insider knowledge… But I know that after the generally positive reception of Final Fantasy 15 they’ll be looking to press forward with their momentum. Also expect Kairi to have a Keyblade this go around. Pretty much the point of 2.8 was to explain that she’s getting one.

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