Ever Oasis Review: (3DS) 8/10

With RPG’s still being scarce on the switch. Again I turn to my 3DS to fill the void. Will this cute yet intriguing Action RPG do the job?

Story: 1.5/2.5

While the main story is the standard “Protect the world from evil” deal, the quests given to you by your playable cast of over 60+ Oasis dwellers really flushes out the world, with its surprising mentions of war, famine, and love lost. I found myself enjoying the optional quests far more than the main story.

Game-play: 2/2.5

Being a spiritual successor, the game-play takes many influences from the Legend of Mana series of games (especially the battle system) while also sprinkling in puzzle solving elements from the Legend of Zelda series and town managing elements from the Harvest moon and Animal Crossing series. One of the main things I favored was that the UI (user interface) of the town management and quests were so streamline and helpful that it didn’t feel like i was held back from exploring and fighting monsters. The only real problem that I encountered was that the camera and auto lock targeting in battle felt a bit wonky at times, but it wasn’t enough to dampen the fun during combat.

Graphics and Quality: 2/2.5

Usually with games that happen in desert settings , they contain a ton of bland tones and atmosphere. Ever Oasis awesomely averts this by having vibrant colors and textures pop out among its frequently similar desert landscapes and dungeons.

Music and Sound: 2.5/2.5

The mystical Middle Eastern style of the songs blends greatly in a game taking place in a desert to no surprise. I found myself constantly humming to the oasis town theme while taking care of the quests and other errands around the Oasis.

Conclusion: This awesome quest filled desert adventure is a must play for anyone looking for a Mana series successor or a great Action RPG in general.

By Glenn Brooks, the JRPG Guru

Edited by: Carson Hiltbrand

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