Fashion Show Week

Hello, sorry I haven’t been super active this past week! I’ve been gearing up for a fashion show I have coming up at work. I’m actually getting pretty excited for it!!

The overall theme for the company is movies, my group’s theme is The Hunger Games. So, as you would guess, we do have a Katniss, some capital people, & my model is fashioned after Seneca Crane (the gamemaker).

For those of you who haven’t seen The Hunger Games, it focuses on the heroin, Katniss, who has volunteered to be in the annual Hunger Games in place of her younger sister. The story follows her experience during the games & how she has to use her skills to survive in the arena. The games can be very deadly & there is only one victor.

So part of the requirements for our models’ outfits is that they have to be at least 80% recycled material; whether you make something yourself, buy clothing from goodwill, or use something you had lying around. As you can imagine, some of the outfits get pretty crazy! My model won’t be too crazy on the clothing side, mostly because Seneca Crane doesn’t wear super extravagant clothing in the movies. The main focus will be on his beard. I will be shaving the trademark flames into my models beard, filling it with makeup, & outlining it in gold. He will be wearing red & black (just like Seneca in the movies) & I might even make him a bow tie, we’ll see.

So the fashion show is this coming Saturday & everyones getting pumped up!! I’ll be sure to write about how everything goes down & post some pictures, so stay tuned & wish me luck!! 😊



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