FF7(Remake) Doomed for defeat…

Final Fantasy 7(FF7) was one of the first games I ever played growing up. It captured a young boys imagination for years to come, and has been a time-honored favorite amongst my friends and peers. Cloud is to this day one of my favorite Video-Game protagonists and Sephiorth is still one of the industries most beloved villains. The story was disjointed, but it was good, super weird and examined a lot of deep issues(eugenics, exploitation of the planets resources, pollution, Eco-terrorism, fascism, ghettos, religion, embezzling etc.) Despite all of these amazing things going for it, Final Fantasy: VII remake will be one giant disappointment. It doesn’t have to be though, but enough let’s get to why it will be.

  1. It’s already showing signs of a turbulent development cycle… They just shifted the development from a contract to in-house development, while that’s not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, they chose a project lead(Naoki Hamaguchi) with a history of weak games. FF XIII: Lightning Returns(Metacritic.com score of 66/100)

  2. It’s been delayed again… Project delays are usually a good thing when it comes to creative works, as a creative talent myself I understand the importance of taking your time and doing things right, that said you can lose your games hype and momentum by doing this, with it being shown last year at E3 we’ve been expecting it sooner rather than later, and this latest delay has many players completely disinterested in the game right now.

  3. The industry is getting better and better at making Action-RPG’s as a whole. There have been so many amazing games in this genre come out in recent years that the competition is far stiffer than the original FF7 had.  Meaning players have higher expectations from what the game interactions and story sequences look and play like. Even the most recent FF title FF XV got quite a bit of flak for its overall clunky game play and consistent performance spikes and possibly the worst sequence ever made in a video game. Although I feel most reviewers were actually pretty soft on FFXV as it was clunky, slow, and had terrible camera controls. The massive world of Eos felt empty and barren, exploration wasn’t fun or engaging it was a boring slog…

It’s not like Square-Enix is incapable of publishing a good Action RPG, 2017’s Nier: Automata showed us that somebody at Square-Enix actually knows what gamers want out of an Action-Role-Playing-Game(ARPG), fast paced combat and consistent action, a world that is as fun to move around in as it is to look at. Characters that aren’t obnoxious, albeit most of them are a little weird… Anyways, Final Fantasy 7 could be a smash success, I hope it is honestly. I loved the game, but I just want Square-Enix to make a fantastic game that works well and plays well, and as such I offer this suggestion. Kingdom Hearts 2 mechanics should be applied elsewhere. Why?

Metroid-vania style movement upgrades make interacting with the game a far more engaging experience, jumping higher to a ledge that was previously just out of reach, dashing around big enemy attacks, clearing obstacles and solving puzzles. Try and keep control of the character in the players hands as long is possible, allowing for intricate air-combat and devastating attack chains is great fun. Combat is super important in ARPG’s the story doesn’t keep the player engaged it’s the boss fights, tough enemy encounters, and joy of conquering enemies in a stylized way that allows you be creative with Min-Maxing. THAT SAID DO NOT MAKE YOUR SYSTEMS SO ARCANE they have to trust people on the internet for the “Right” build and “Right” items. An enormous flaw in FFXV was the misunderstanding and complete lack of explanation of weapon abilities and the astonishing lack of variety in the weapon abilities( and overall lack of weapons and unique weapon models). Most of the items either don’t explain the passive effect, give a %chance of triggering the passive effect, or just plain boring and uninspired.

FF7 isn’t looking promising at the moment, but it doesn’t have to flop. If they manage to make a great game, this could be huge for Naoki Hamaguchis’s career. They’ve got a massive amount of hype and expectations to meet for the game which presents a daunting but not impossible challenge. They’ve got quite a bit more competition now than when Final Fantasy VII was first released, and players expect more out of an ARPG.

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Carson, the Gaming Guru

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