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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (Switch): Review

As someone who didn't get a chance to have the full multiplayer experience with the gamecube version due to the heavy expense involved (needing 4 gameboy advances and cables) I was pretty happy to see this remastered edition announced.

+ Dungeon game play still has the feel of dungeons from mmos with some heavy focus on teamwork and puzzle solving . It was fun doing combo attacks and what not with others.

+ While still a little rustic by modern standards, the updated graphics and textures look pretty good, especially on the character models.

+ Additional voice acting to certain scenes adds more immersion.

+ It was nice to see some added features like the mimic costumes and new dungeons.

- Due to mostly focusing on the cross-play with other systems (PS4, IOS, Android) There is no local multiplayer , and the online connections is so annoyingly complicated that it makes it harder to figure out what you need to do to play with friends. - There is a lack of some very much needed Quality of life changes , especially in regards to the in game menus and button mapping. A lot of things just feel clunky.

- While I do appreciate the mimic outfits, I was hoping there would be more character customization in regards to in game armor like with the Nintendo DS games

- Very minor complaint: The game follows the older "monster hunter" type rules where only the host gets the benefits of the dungeon being cleared, which means a lot more grinding and unskippable cut scenes.

Overall while it was nice to experience this game again, the improvements implemented into it made playing through it a massive hindrance compared to the original. I know not much effort is made when Square Enix re-releases their older titles to newer systems, but I was hoping with how much they hyped this up that a bit more care would have been put in. 7/10 Review by: Glenn Ray Brooks #Nintendo #CrystalChronicles #FinalFantasy #SquareEnix



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