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“As a writer for Gaming Guru, I get do something pretty special, I get to share my experiences you readers. I have been a HUGE Destiny fan since very early on, often cheering on my friends that played. But I hadn’t been off the bench myself until late in the third quarter. In the beginning of vanilla Destiny my friend played a Hunter and after an off-class exotic drop I started the game as a Titan. The Helm of Saint 14 was a helmet that blinded enemies who entered the protective bubble my Titan dropped down. I was a shield by which my allies broke the endless tide of enemies. After some time I felt the rush as my first exotic engram dropped in my game. It was an Insurmountable Skullfort, another exotic helmet this time for the Striker subclass. I ran through swaths of enemies with ease, punching and smashing all before me. Destiny was a glorious experience.”

” I’m no casual gamer, I’m not your weekend warrior looking to get on for an hour or two and grind a bit before bed. I’m one of those try-hard players that has logged nearly 7 and a half days of in game time since the third weeks of this games release.”

With Destiny 2 I jumped into the fray at my first opportunity. I got the pre-order deluxe edition and poured my time into the game. In the first couple minutes of the game we were thrown into a familiar setting, the Tower. As a destiny 1 social space this was an area populated by NPC’s and guardians at all hours of the day. Here you would pick up your bounties, and decrypt our engrams for new guns and armor. Destiny 2 begins with the player fighting waves of hyper-aggressive space turtles punks. They were a race called the Cabal and this faction, the Red Legion had come to Earth with one purpose; to destroy The Last City and steal the Travelers gift. Immediately the player is graced with a sound track unlike any game score I have heard before. Directed by Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C. Paul Johnson, Rotem Moav, and Peter Schlosser this is arguably the best part of this game. Vivid cut scenes flush out the developing story as our Guardians are striped of their Light; the gift bestowed by The Traveler that gave us our super-human powers and the revive capabilities of our trusty backpack companions, the Ghosts. In Destiny 2 our story is one of perseverance, against all odds the guardians defend the people from the Darkness like the Night’s Watch of Westeros. Some of us fight for glory, some fight for blood, but all of us fight for loot.

The Good

Destiny 2 is an enticing loot shooter, with shiny new loot around every corner. The social interaction of a new integrated clan feature will encourage you to find players that will quickly become a second family.

The shoot to loot systems RNG(Random Number Generated) drops will have you grinding high level events with your fire-team of your peers and praying to RNGesus (Random-Number-Jesus). The Crucible is Destiny 2’s PVP(Player Versus Player) where teams of 4, regardless of the game type will battle head to head and hone their skills. And the end game content of Raids and Trials of the Nine will Test your mettle as you are pitted against some of the most difficult. Destiny 2 is fun, simple as that, but being that the game is still in it’s first iteration Destiny 2 Vanilla is not without its quirks.

The Bad

In my time I have seen my fair share of Destiny 2’s “glitchy” side.

  1. In one raid encounter our team of six had to reset the encounter but only 2 of the 6 players respawned and the other 4 of us were left spectating an empty throne room where the game failed to load players and enemies alike.

  2. In a power leveling run where I was leveling up a clan mate we beat the final boss too fast and witnessed the boss stuck in the first frame of his death animation as the game cycled two more visual cues for his second and third damage phases.

  3. I have run through missions so fast that after collecting a power core and putting it into a door lock before the verbal cue we were locked in the room without enemies spawning.

  4. I have been killed in grave lifts by “The Architects”.

All things considered Destiny 2 is fresh off the line and there are bound to be bugs that couldn’t be play-tested out until the enormous player base that has sustained over one million players online line at the same time for over weeks. With everything in consideration, Destiny has it’s pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide if the game is a fit for your interests. The changes from Destiny 1 have massively improved the game but the most important thing is to find some friends to play with or join a clan and make some new ones. Upon completion of an event, if at least half your fire-team belong to the same clan everyone in that clan will get a taste of the rewards. So get out there, get some clan mates together, and grind for some loot, it’s your Destiny Guardian.

Catch me on Xbox live at DarthVaper1224, and hopefully soon in some streams. Until next time I have to go, and I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain. Also feel free to send us your favorite screen shots of Destiny 2 as we continue to provide coverage and opinions.

Gaming Guru Inc Review Score: 7.0/10 Why? Despite added features and streamlined grinds, the game is still based around grinding. The trope filled story have a painfully cinematic opening sequence(during which no XP or Loot is gained) and cheapening the entire experience. Destiny 2 is a game best played with friends, which makes this  erratic bullet hell damned fun. As a solo player, you are required to run the same story missions on endless repeat to reach higher power level. The changes to the game make Crucible and other such events more enjoyable, but without any open world PvP and with many better dedicated “Ability Shooters” available today. Destiny 2 is a mediocre PvP entry at best. PvP isn’t a shotgun sniper fest anymore. Instead it’s a MIDA fest.(Good thing the game was “re-balanced”…) The new strikes are less obnoxious as bosses don’t require you to stay constantly out of there line of sight, while fighting of the scores of bullet sponges. Instead you’re allowed to get fairly close them and deal high damage during phases, and rotate to adds, which is a good reprisal but it does make the game feel like it’s more about clearing droves of enemies then tackling enormous bosses. The new raid is fun to look at, and the game overall looks amazing. The new planets once again, don’t really feel like journeys in space. The story is mostly just excursions to faction hubs, full of dreadful jokes that occasionally earns a chuckle. (Cayde-6, Please shut up. You’re making Nathan Fillion look bad…) It can’t be all bad right? You’re right, the game nails the score, new exotics are fun and really open up new subclass combos.  The reworked sub-classes for each Class don’t actually bring that much in terms of new ideas to the games classes. I strongly would’ve suggested either reworking all classes, or adding a new element(Frost, Holy, Corrosion) and subclass for everyone. The classes actually feel less defined than ever before, because you’re locked into two specific paths. No more mixing abilities for your build. The new armor system is better, but grinding glimmer for mods to min-max gear is just as time-consuming as finding individual pieces to suit the specific situation. All in all, Destiny 2 is a better Destiny game than Destiny was. But that doesn’t stop it from being a time vacuum and grind-a-thon.

Written by: Dylan Chandler

Edits and Asides by Carson Hiltbrand, Editor and Chief at Gaming Guru Inc.

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