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Min Min First Impressions (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Well Min Min is out today, and after a surprisingly fast update download, we were able to test her out! As usual I got some help and other insight from some fellow smash playing friends


- Pretty much if Little Mac was turned into a mid range fighter

- It was good to have a somewhat speedy and agile character after the last couple of DLC options be heavy

- Zoning is so amazing , and unlike R.O.B. she can actually react fast enough against others

- Spiral Arm and Electro Arm have great uses, the spiral arm has great range and edge guarding potential, while the Electro Arm is perfect for doing heavy damage and defeating opponents. The Dragon Arm tho... doesn't really feel useful.

- Also like Little Mac, her recovery and air fighting is crap.

- No real decent close range options at all, you will always always need to keep distance from other fighters

- Close range = Death Sahvon:

- Strong in neutral, has tools to keep people out and the quick kick moves serve to push out or start a little juggle with up air

- Not much of a combo character as expected

- Her arms dont get hit while in use; They can be a bit laggy when hitting shield but if they move you can go in with your other arm while they try to approach if you far enough

- Her spiral arm is probably the best one overall in a match, its fast and covers a good amount of stage after launch and gives easy gimps offstage

- Electro arm kills fairly early (Starting around 60/70 from testing) but slow, definitely benefits from zoning and mix ups

- I personally havent found a good use for the b dragon arm, have to test that more, but it might be better for covering high recoveries

- Speaking of recovers hers is Really Bad, its definitely not a byleth or joker tether in the slightest

- Throws are pretty standard, with a surprise being up throw killing at high percents with rage

- Down tilt is good since it crosses up, I usually mash Jab or mix up with tilt

Overall I really like this character, she has a lot of tools to make her a good character but im not sure if she'll be one of the best. Id put her around high to mid.

Special thanks to Sahvon for his inputs, you can check out his art here







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