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Minecraft Steve First Impressions (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Minecraft Steve came out earlier today , and like usual we have tested him out to see how he plays: - Like with Olimar, resources are his strength with out them he can not do much of his moves including some regular and smash attacks.

- Up be is pretty useless for recovery, if you use if while facing away from the stage, then you can count that stock goodbye.

- Nothing in particular combo, most of his move set involves doing strong single hits.

- In regards to his focus being strong single hits, he also focuses on zoning and edge guarding.

- Surprisingly agile movement wise tho a good amount of his attacks either have slight lag or make him vulnerable during.

- Takes top spot of not being an air fighter from little mac. He can do pretty much nothing while in the air , which is not surprising giving how short his jumps are and how bad his up b is to use. - Like with Min Min, Steve benefits from keeping people at a distance and zoning. A lot of his moves have decent knockback to show this. Overall: While he is interesting to play and his gimmicks are fun to use. I can not really see him being viable in professional play. But like usual with more people trying him out, there might be some tech that will make them beastly in viability.

Special thanks to Sahvon and Jonathan for their inputs, you can check out Sahvon's art and other Smash related things here.





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