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One Step From Eden (Switch) Review:

Usually with certain indie games I see, they end up either being overshadowed by other games coming out or have a delayed release date on a preferred system I would most likely play it on so far in the future that I would forget about it. But after testing One Step from Eden at GDC last year and seeing that it was getting a simultaneous release on all major systems at launch, it was hard to ignore.

+ Game is a mix of the Megaman Battle network's grid based battle system with heavy emphases on deck building and rogue-like elements. This blends together pretty well into fast paced, difficult yet fair game play.

+ The unlock-able characters with different play styles, a variety of different cards, and a way to slightly influence what cards you might get lead to a ton of replayability.

+ Visually, this is some of the most fluid and lively pixel art and pixel art animation I have seen in recent indie titles. + Usually I only get one or two songs that keep me interested, but in this case every song on the soundtrack is an absolute banger and does well to show off the world and the characters.

- On the switch version at-least, there will be times in battle where if to much is happening on the screen there will be a noticeable freeze in game play. It isn't game breaking but it happens semi frequently enough that it can ruin the flow of battle.

- While some cards do make an effort of being self explanatory, there still isn't enough fully detailed information on certain card mechanics like "Flow" and "Trinity" . I respect that being a rogue-like most of it is "learn as you play" but I still would have appreciated at least a small in game menu section that better explains things.

- Very minor complaint, I was hoping there would be more world building, you only get small snippets of character motivation and info from their bios and interactions during boss battles, but I would have loved to have seen more. Overall if you are a big fan of the Megaman Battle Network games and want a very good recent interpretation of it, then this is the best choice. 8.5/ 10 (The game developer makes a good effort to actively fix and patch things so I will most likely re-evaluate my score if I noticed any changes in the next update) Review by: Glenn Ray Brooks

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