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Paper Mario The Origami King (Switch): Review

The Paper Mario series has been the most prominent and definite Mario Jrpg experience you can have (outside of the Mario and Luigi and Snes ones). Yet most of the recent games in the series have been repeatedly pretty lackluster in terms of certain in game play changes.

Due to these game play changes, I already had lowered expectations when The Origami King was announced , but was slightly hopeful when the battle system was teased. Maybe it would be different?

+ There is the usual Paper Mario series humor that we all know and love, it got a lot of chuckles out of me through out my play through.

+ The game takes great advantage of the switch hardware having incredibly huge and vibrant maps for you to explore.

+ Story had some surprisingly dark twists and turns that blend in well with the humor

The only real main problem and biggest problem with the game is the battle system. While it is an improvement from the last two games, it still lacks the usual rpg goodness we come to expect from the series:

- The in battle slider puzzle was a nice touch , but becomes stale and tedious after awhile due to making the battles take a bit longer to complete

- There are partners in battle again, but they are uncontrollable and do not really add anything to combat other then sometimes hitting an enemy for extra damage

- Since there are no partners to do attacks with you are restricted to using just hammer attacks, jump attacks, and items to win battles. You can use special attacks with Olivia after a certain point in the game, but these are also restricted to being mostly available in boss battles only

- Most annoying of all is that there is no experience system, which means there is really no incentive to do battles outside of if you need some extra coins or confetti, and even then you can get both those items in extravagant amounts on the world map. Overall while the game has been a lot better then the last two games that came out, the lack of incentive to do battles make it hard for me to want to enjoy. I understand Nintendo wanting to try something new, but I had really hoped that they would have better acknowledged the feed back they had gotten. 6.5/10 Review by: Glenn Ray Brooks #papermario #switch #Nintendo

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