Pokémon Nintendo Direct Hype!

First off the direct revealed a revamped port of Pokken tournament for the Nintendo Switch which added some new characters and obviously quick and easy portable play. It felt pretty lackluster since many were expecting, and Gamefreak seemed to hint at, a main line game on the system.

But things looked a lot better when near the end of the direct they revealed Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon which seem to be the “Yellow” versions of the Gen 7 mainline games, they showed off some new costumes, cut scenes, and some new forms of the Gen 7 box legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala.

The hype didn’t stop there though! Right after they threw in making Pokemon Gold and Silver from the game boy color era downloadable on the 3DS virtual console which came as a very welcome surprise!

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra moon release later this year in November  with Pokken Tournament DX and Pokemon Gold and Silver releasing at the same time on the 22nd of September to tide us over.

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