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Pokemon Presents 6/17/2020

To tide people over waiting for the server maintenance to be done for the first half of the DLC, The Pokemon Company has released a Pokemon focused "Nintendo direct" type video called "Pokemon Presents". Here they briefly mentioned some upcoming titles and updates including: Pokemon Smile: a phone app that encourages younger children to brush their teeth.

Pokemon Cafe Mix: a mobile and switch puzzle title that has "free to play" elements to it

New Pokemon Snap: A sequel to the picture taking "rail shooter" game that many fans have been waiting for since the first game released on the Nintendo 64 20 years ago.

While the presentation was pretty brief, they mention having more announcements ready for next week on June 24th 2020. #Pokemon #Nintendo #NewPokemonSnap #PokemonSmile #PokemonCafeMix #PokemonDLC

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