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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor Expansion Pass (Switch) review:

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

As someone who feels iffy about paying a significant amount of money for any extra add on content, I was very reluctant in spending 30 dollars for this expansion. Yet since I always have bought the third definitive "yellow" version with out shame, I felt that it was fair to give this a try.

+ New island with a lot of nooks and crannies to explore, it felt good to be able to walk around in more forests and caves compared to the pretty barren and linear base game routes and wild area.

+ New characters and some slight expanded plot of older characters were great to see

+ A good amount of Quality of life changes like having pokemon follow you (only in the dlc area), and making it so you can give pokemon a Gigantimax form if they did not have one already.

But while all of this was awesome two things were nagging me from the beginning to the end of the DLC:

1. It was too short, even with all the the extra amount of exploring and catching and pokedex completion I did, it only added up to like 5 to 8 hours of game play, I was literally able to beat it in about a day.

2. While the quality of life changes were cool, it felt like stuff that could have just been a free DLC update, like they purposely took away features to sell to us later (similar to how they took out wonder trading and the Global Trade System (GTS) to sell it to us later as Pokemon Home)

Overall: While the new island and story are cool, it ultimately feels like a big letdown of a DLC , I would of felt better if it was at least somewhat cheaper or have more content to warrant the price. As it is now, I would have been better off if they did what they usually do and make a definitive yellow version again. Here is hoping the the Crown tundra DLC will make the 30 dollar price actually worth it...


Review by: Glenn Ray Brooks

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