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Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra Expansion Pass (Switch) review:

Coming off from my disappointment with the base game and the Isle of Armor , I unsurprisingly had low expectations with The Crown Tundra DLC. But was surprised with things when I got around to playing it.

+ Like with the Isle of Armor. The whole map is styled like the "Wild Area" having full 360 control of the camera. There was an interesting amount to explore. Yet what really set it apart was the amount of riddles and puzzles that you were able to solve to get to certain Pokemon.

+ I greatly enjoyed the story focusing on the lore of the region and fleshing it out more then the main game ever did.

+ At first the main story legendary Pokemon Calyrex threw me off with its design but made up for it by being a very endearing character. Along side the Comically Doting Dad Peony, both kept incredibly invested while I was out hunting for legendary Pokemon around the map.

+ The New Max Lair area, takes full advantage of the raid battle mechanics and makes post game Legendary Pokemon hunting a lot more interactive and challenging while being much less tedious.

- Like the first part of the DLC, this was incredibly short taking about 4-6 hours to do everything . - There is still this lingering feeling that this felt like cut content that should have been in the base game.

Overall: While still not outstanding enough to warrant its price, it gave me all the adventure, exploration, and puzzles that I was expecting from the base game and it was exactly what I needed.


Review by: Glenn Ray Brooks If you wanted to know what I thought of the base game and The Isle of Armor DLC , check here and here.

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