Pokemon Vega Version Review: (gba/pc) 8.5/10

After the recent Pokemon Nintendo direct I felt the need to indulge in my love for the series and start a new file while patiently waiting. I wondered how would I do that while also getting the feeling of a new adventure and experience? The answer: Rom hacks! So I picked one out from my backlog and started going through it.

Story: 1.5/2.5

This romhack is actually a sequel to another series of rom hacks titled Sirius and altair version, you play as the same trainer and start off in this new region. It was interesting to see other characters acknowledge your past feats,  but even with that it still follows the usual Pokémon formula of route, town, gym, evil team, repeat.

Gameplay: 2/2.5

Gameplay is what you expect from a Game Boy Advanced(GBA) era Pokémon game, except with a difficulty spike ramped up sometimes to the very extreme. Gym battles have become very challenging, utilizing an ai that takes advantage of stats, move-sets and abilities normally seen during post game and online battles. While the challenge was a nice addition that kept me on my toes , the difficulty curve made it so that i was dealing with long terms of level grinding on wild pokemon just to keep up which slowed the pace down frequently.

Graphics and Quality: 2.5/2.5

Though it uses GBA quality graphics, the game manages take what it has and improve upon it . the custom sprite art from the “Fakémon ” to the NPC’s and backgrounds were a wonder to look at. The translation also stood out with the creative names they gave to the fakemon as well as the familiar use of colored text from the Fire Red and Leaf Green versions.

Music and Sound: 2.5/2.5

Surprisingly from a rom hack , all the music is original and sounds like they would have come from a standard GBA Pokémon cartridge if i didn’t know they were from a romhack before hand. All the songs invoke the awesome feelings of going through routes, defeating trainers, and stopping the evil team from taking over the region.

Conclusion: Another fun adventure in an original Pokémon world, but I would mostly recommend it for players who wouldn’t mind the challenge instead of those looking for a speedy casual play through

By Glenn Brooks, the JRPG Guru

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