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Combat view in jrpgs have taken many forms, one of the eldest tropes  is the front based combat perspective.  It is still common in many Role-Playing-Games(rpg’s)  today for example: Shin Megami Tensei 4, and Etrian Odyssey It still has one thing that still gets on my nerves; Not being able to see your party in battle. 

Relying on things like: slashes, chops, explosions, fifteen second cast timesand long character animations to notify you when you  take damage or get a lucky dodge. Having all these monsters and enemy sprites animated while you can only see your party on the world map and or menu screen. I understand that this was implemented in a time where companies needed to save a lot of space in cartridges as well as for ease of making battles go by faster . But other than it being traditional in certain game series like dragon quest , i’m surprised it is still prominent.

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Luckily for me some games that utilize this have added certain extra flair to keep it interesting. A classic example is the phantasy star series, while in battle during your parties attack phase , there were some awesome 2 framed pixel animations from behind A more recent example in the dragon quest 7 remake that came out about a year ago, while still retaining its front view battles, it implemented scrolling back and showing the backs of your party while they were doing their attacks and spell casting. It made the 200 hours I logged into it a lot more satisfying as not only did i see what my characters were doing, but i also so the personality of my characters while they took their actions.

 by Glenn Brooks

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