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Sephiroth First Impressions (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Updated: Feb 3

One special boss mode fight later and we get Sephiroth playable about a week early from his initial release date!

- As expected, Sephiroth's melee range is extraordinary, frontal attacks against him have to be thought out or else you will get stabbed alot.

- Feels like Wii U Bayonetta OP.

- All his attacks combo so seamlessly well with each other.

- All of his special moves have some sort of variety in different situations, with his up b being the most noticeable, its a decent recovery attack which can turn in to a fast side charge that can cover half of the stage like Ike's side b

- his side b is pretty tricky to deal with, its a time delay trap that circles around and can easily trip people up who can not reflect/grab it in time

- his down b shield also just does damage on its own and is amazing for edge guarding - Even when he does take a significant amount of damage, he becomes even more OP with the one winged angel form, the super armor on certain attacks and the extra jump is amazing

- Only real weaknesses are that he is tall and light which means that he can get hit very easily as well as knocked away further when taking hits.

- Also his attacks have a lot of openings that can be exploited, especially after sword swings

- Overall a awesome and powerful fighter who is pretty fun to play with. I can definitely see him as a popular pick in tournaments and the meta.


All his moves are GIANT, and at lower percentages they combo really well together, however he has a lot of startup and end lag on his moves so watch out.

- All the flares are just good for punishes, though you cant just throw them out.

- Shadow flare is a contender for best move in the game in my opinion, if forces shield, you could throw it around just in any situation, it stacks on itself, and if does good damage on top of it.

- Up b is very basic it terms of Smash but actually pretty good, for a mix-up of fast recovery or combo.

- Down b I was pleasantly surprised by, as it works as a feint, and can edge guard pretty well.

- Overall Sephiroth is probably one of my favorite DLC characters in smash and maybe in general fighting games, he is so much fun to play.

Special thanks again to Sahvon for his input and help with fighting game terms. you can check him out on his Twitter here: https://twitter.com/DrawingNova . #Nintendo

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