Sizzlin’ Hot Summer Steam

The wonderful days of summer are here again my friends, and with it marvelous discounts on games! As ever with Steam you have a collection of unique Indie Titles, and the Industries Triple A produced staples. 

(Video is mostly unrelated but still awesome)

Steam’s Summer Sale is Back!!!

The Weird Church of Gabenism’s doesn’t lie, discounts as high as 90% off! (Image Credit: GameDebate

Today’s Highlights: 

Prison Architect Version 2.0: $7.49 (-75%)

Dying Light: The Following: $23.99(-60%)

Lost Castle: $5.99(-40%)

XPlane11: $44.39(-26%)

Euro Truck Simulator 2: $4.99 (-75%)

Tomb Raider Franchise: Discounts range from -60%~80%

Lego Video Games: Discounts range from -33%~ 75%

Helldivers: $9.99 (-50%)

Outlast II: 23.99 (-20%)

Rocket League: $11.99 (-40%)

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: $29.99 (-25%)

Scrap Mechanic: $11.99 (-40%)

Stellaris: $19.99 (50%)

Endless Space: Emperor Edition: $4.99 (-75%)

NBA2K17: $14.99 (-75%)

For Honor: $40.19(-33%)

Project Cars: $9.89 (-67%)

Killing Floor 2: The Summer Side Show: $14.99 (-50%)

Hope you find some sweet steals for your summer, have a great Friday.

Remember the sale ends 7/5!

-Big Changes coming for Gaming Guru Inc! Carson(Founder/Editor-In-Chief)

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