Sorry Guys!

I wanted to finish my Horizon Zero Dawn review today, but I had far more story left than I had realized. I’ll complete the review tomorrow! I just didn’t want to give a review to a game I haven’t finished yet, and my review skeleton might have been a little harsh because I was doing to much from memory, so the edits and final draft will reflect a more accurate view point. As for the web page being a mess right now, I’m experimenting with a few different layouts, and pages haven’t been updating properly(my fault for changing the theme 4 times… but I’ll change it probably 10 more times before I find just the right fit for the site, sorry about that! But if you feel strongly about one format over the other please holler as soon as possible, I want the site to look the best for you!

Thanks for your patience as we grow! I didn’t expect it to happen this fast, you all are amazing, and I’m grateful you’re taking the time to check us out!

Carson Hiltbrand – Founder



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