Stardew Valley Quick Guide

Some tips and tricks for the best results in stardew valley!

Pick the Fishing Farm or the Forest Farm as they offer you the best spring income! Fishing is hard at first but it gets easy fast, so keep fishing! Buying berries in spring(at the first festival)! is very worthwhile, as they sell quite well! To ensure you finish the greenhouse by the end of year one prioritize the quality crops bundles and seasonal crops ASAP round out everything else in fall/winter! DONT BUY ANIMALS TILL WINTER 1!!! Animals offer stable income in winter, but have an enormous resource buy in. So don’t build them till you have to in late fall/winter. Fruit Trees grow in winter, buy all of the trees in winter 1. The Larger your crop fields, the more money you make. Go forth and farm forage fight and fall in love enjoy!!!

Carson Hiltbrand, Founder, Editor, and Writer for Gaming Guru Inc.



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