Tantalizing Teal Hair

I know some of you have probably seen the mermaid hair trend all over Facebook & Instagram over the past two years; & it’s still a strong trend!! I did the most beautiful teal mermaid hair the other day, I just had to share!! I used Pravana fashion colors (mixtures of greens, blues, & silvers) & Aveda color for the base. I’m pretty excited about it as I don’t get these requests often!

Keep in mind that having mermaid hair is indeed a commitment. It is a long process to get you to the color/colors that you would like to be & sometimes they fade faster than we would like. But, it’s so amazing to be able to express yourself in a way that is so visible to the rest of the world!

I’m hoping to do more mermaid hair in the future! Drop a comment with something you’d like to see 😊 thanks for checking it out!



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