Virtual Rickality Review: (HTC Vive)8.6/10

“Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV.” –Morty to Summer from Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty.

I’ve never played a Virtual Reality game before, but I had the opportunity to play Virtual Rickality today, and I figured I’d write about my experience. As this isn’t my normal game type I’m gonna use a different criteria. First things first I’m a huge fan of the show, and as such stepping into the world of the insane Rick Sanchez was pretty cool. There was a fairly straight forward set of puzzles that were presented to the player via sarcastic quips and a white-board that would coach you through what your next broad objective was. Also I used a simpler review form because the game was simpler than the games I have been reviewing.

Mini-Games: 2.1/2.5

The game presents itself to players as a series of tasks and mini-games that involve you grabbing and tossing bits of the environment around. It was actually really fun to just mess around with everything the game has to offer as far as toys. I was a big fan of the puzzles and really enjoyed playing around with the Laser Gun, Mace, and Meeseeks Ball. However that quickly lost its allure and I was off onto objectives, there was a gentlemen coaching me(in real life) through some of the broader concepts of the game as it was crowded and I couldn’t always hear the game’s audio instructions, that most of the puzzles were fun. Although my favorite part was the part on the Alien Planet where you have to blast your way through hordes of aliens so Rick and the “real” Morty can escape. I still could have gone without the repetitive battery filling mini-game that was required to complete each stage.

Controls and Responsiveness: 2.3/2.5

The controls for the game actually worked fairly well, there still were stutters and stammers. But overall the game worked well, well enough for me to toss in object in the air and reliably catch it. It still felt very rudimentary, but for simple controls they managed to tackle a lot. They used teleporting to get around the box that the player needs to stay in to keep the device working.

 Story and Immersion: 4.2/5.0

The voice-actors nail the roles, and the writers nail the shows pervasive caustic nature. You felt involved in Rick’s adventures, and when Rick asks you to order a part from him you see some very weird images, a nice touch that helped you feel involved in the world. The fact that you can slaughter the meseeks was great fun, and that said, I played a very homicidal Morty and the game commented on that fact.

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By, Carson Hiltbrand

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