Wait, what? We’re a year old already?!?! (2017 Round Up)

With 2017 over, I noticed, I’ve been awfully quiet lately… Glenn gives me a C as a writer last year, because I really didn’t publish that much…

I only personally reviewed Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, and Destiny 2(sorta) in 2017, Why? I can tell you that’s not all I played in 2017, I played Prey, Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2, Hollow Knight, started Warframe, Nioh, and I’ve gotta say, I haven’t beat to many games, I still haven’t finished Persona 5, as my file is corrupted due to playing on a friends PS4 who had DLC’s. A result of some stupid pre-order dlc’s no longer being present. 0/10 Atlus. Sorry, not sorry.

For most of last year I was using Gamefly to spam through games in an effort to create review content. I found myself playing a few hours of each title before popping them back in the mail. I’d then sit down and try and write a review, but with only a few hours under my belt in each game… I couldn’t write anything worth publishing.  It felt, dishonest and  half-assed. Overall like something you’d expect from bigger outlets, with tight deadlines, share holders, Editor Pressures Etc. (I want you guys to understand, writing about video games is a hard job, full of vicious comments, unanswered emails, sweaty conventions, and lots and lots of late nights. It takes passion and guts to stick around.)  That’s not GGinc. It’s really just Glenn and I.


I picked up Evil Within 2 for the fun of a spooky Halloween game, jumping into the second installment blind would normally be a problem, but it felt like a fresh enough story with just enough recap for me not to miss the first title in  the least. I enjoyed the 25 hours I’ve spent with it, but I haven’t finished the game so I won’t be giving you a score just yet.

Hollow Knight was a game I picked up last year on a whim. Best $15 Game I’ve bought in years. I plodded through it over the Holidays, stumbling and swearing along the way. It’s a fantastic souls inspired metroid-vania title featuring a gorgeous soundtrack and sprawling map full of goodies and secrets. The Character and Enemy design is simple and enticing, with everything somehow managing to be charming, and when needed imposing. I found 60 hours of full content along my way to 100% well beyond my expectations for an Indie Title. They added another 10 hours of fun side-quests in the form of free DLC along the way. I didn’t know it wasn’t even there to begin with as it always seemed like I was finding new things to explore and do anyways. There we’re some doldrums where I was wandering aimlessly not being able to find the next area. Score Given: Worth Playing, Especially if you like Challenging games.

Warframe was a stream adventure with a friend. I’m a fan of the deep character customization, but I do find it t repetitive, especially in the early content hours. It’s a grind, but definitely worth playing to see if it’s your cup of tea. It’s free to play, which doesn’t make it a hard thing to pick up, and you’ll find plenty to do without spending a penny. It’s Pay Model encourages spending the games premium currency with other players over the marketplace, as It’s other players who are going to sell you the best gear. It’s an absurd twist on Pay-To-Win you’ve gotta experience to believe.

Nioh…  What to say about Nioh? Koei Tecmos’ and Team Ninjas’ souls-like game adds plenty to the Souls-like arena, which is great and it’s the best full clone I’ve played of the sub-type. I’m not flowing with positives about the game, just as I wasn’t thrilled when I played it earlier on in 2017. It’s fast paced, and shares loads of combat DNA with the Miyazaki made Souls like game Bloodborne. It’s a sub-genre of Miyazaki’s invention and to most players, Bloodborne is a canon Souls game. I wanna talk about Bloodborne, and that’s just the problem with Nioh. I keep comparing it to other things, it never found it’s own unique DNA. It features a good combat system, with a satisfying loop to master and lots of room to experiment it definitely has it’s own flavor.   They used another borrowed system this time in the form of a Diablo style loot system again loaned  it the impression of being “like other things” and really standing out to me. Score Given: Worth Buying if you’re looking for more Soulsborne games and are dissatisfied replaying Miyazaki’s official works.

Score Given: Buy it if you’re missing Dark Souls. Or just wait for Dark Souls Remastered.

Not gonna spend a lot of time on what I think about Wolfenstein II not because I don’t have quite a bit to say about it. It’s just most of what I can say feels like stuff you’d wanna find out on your own when you play it. Speaking of which…  If you absolutely hate single player games, and games with long cinematic cut-scenes, it’s probably not for you.

Score Given: Seriously, just go shoot some Nazi’s already.

Honorable Mention: The Surge (2017) didn’t quite make this article, but It will be getting it’s own tear down soon. I received a review copy, but haven’t found time to give it a fair shot quite yet.


(Sorry, no fun pictures or videos today…)

– Carson, The Gaming Guru

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