We survived a year. What the heck comes next?

“I do not own or claim any rights to the music video above, I also didn’t ask permission.” -Carson Hiltbrand

I just thought it was cool.

Happy Birthday GamingGuruInc.com, but you’re going away! That doesn’t mean we’re going away, we’re just moving and getting a shorter name. Anyways on to our plans for 2018…. It’s gonna be a long one guys, so click the TLDR button to go all the way down to the bottom for the Too Long Didn’t Read Section.

I was going to bore you with all the details, but I decided it was too long! Even I didn’t read it… So I’ll give you the heavily condensed version. You can check here for the Video Format.

Sorry, Not sorry!

Things we’ll be doing more of in 2018: Give Aways, Reviews, Tips Tricks and Guides, More coverage, Hardware Reviews, Building our Discord Community!

Things we wont be doing in the rest of 2018: Scoring games on a scale of 1-10, going weeks without content, writing click bait other then those two jokes…, being on WordPress.Com

I mentioned we’ll be giving away more stuff right? You have good taste and you like stuff, especially cool stuff, so to celebrate GGinc turning one, you can enter to win cool stuff. I’ll explain exactly how you can enter and exactly what the stuff we’re giving away is later this week stay tuned! Thanks for helping us grow over the last year! I’m blown away by the support!

“Peace and GG’s.” – Carson Hiltbrand The Editor-In-Chief formerly known as GamingGuru, AKA: TheHiltHoodie, Hilthodor, Europeon, Commieboy, Blastinnips, Thundergun, Hipster, “Dude where’d your hair go?” “Dude where’d your beard go?”

We also might have a new contributor… I’m still looking for two writers, and taking quotes for new logos.

(You wanna know what these prizes are real bad right? Well, we’ve got three. 3rd is worth about $15, 2nd is something you can where, and 1st place sorta both and so much more!!!)

TLDR: These will actually be at the TOP of our longer articles from now on. I’d put them at the bottom, but scrolling down a bunch is a bitch and you’re busy.

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