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I finally finished the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and like the others at Gaming Guru I was happily surprised with how much I enjoyed it:

+ Like I mentioned in the demo , the graphics are superb and really flesh out all the scenes and locations.

+ The battle system takes a lot of influence from the past games and greatly improves upon them, giving me fast and interesting action with the control and strategy of classic turn based combat. I enjoyed being able to switch characters on the fly and take advantage of their strengths and skills.

+ Adding to the equip-able materia is the weapon upgrade option which let me add certain buffs and stats to my characters, I felt a ton of freedom in being able to customize my characters to my play style.

+ Usually with a lot of certain newer Triple A titles, you can expect about 20-25 hours of game play with most of it being cut scenes and narrative, but I was able to get about 50-60 hours out of my initial play through with out it feeling like I was bogged down with filler.

- Even with certain dungeons being extensive puzzle wise, It can get a bit linear at times , rail-roading you semi constantly in a good amount of the chapters. It made me have flash backs to the first 20 hours of FF13.

- The late parts of the game felt a bit convoluted, like they were trying to shoehorn in something to make the last portions more epic. While it was interesting to see I wish they could have implemented it better.

Overall, this is a perfect example of a jrpg/ "western" influenced triple A style game done right. If more remakes of turn based rpgs went this route , then I would not mind seeing the battle system change. I can not wait to see what the other future parts of this Remake project look like.


Review by : Glenn Ray Brooks

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So as someone who was incredibly skeptical about Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I must say, well done. I'm simply going to put my review at a 9/10. Some incredibly cringe moments detract from an otherwise perfect game. The soundtrack was overstated; but backed it up. The aesthetic was incredibly detailed nearing perfect; with an entirely stable framerate on my aging PS4 release model.
The post-game was actually the deciding factor for my review. Offering a myriad of revamped content and rewarding you for replaying the game; and adding one of the finest Super Boss challenges I've played. For the first time in a long time. I get to say, well done Square-Enix.


Albeit a stock image suggested for our site; and an autosuggest article idea; I decided to run with it.

For my older gamers do you remember how hard games could be? Not knowing where to go fumbling through hard fights because you haven't figured it out yet. Well thanks to the ease of access to a myriad of online tools to help you along; I feel like gaming has lost some of it's mystique and part of it's charm. That's not to say I don't use these tools. It just makes me miss the days when we couldn't just google how to beat any boss and watch a youtube video.


The studio behind Hytale Hypixel was recently acquired by Riot games. Adding another potential power-house to their small suite of games. I'm incredibly excited to see more of Hytale.



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